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So, to begin, its just me and my sister. One day we wanted to make a bunch of crazy geeky stuff. It started out as wanting to sell little crochet Sherlock and Doctor Who dolls that Alliah made, since she's a whiz at that stuff, but then we got to thinking about other stuff we could do with our minds, like make pendants, and earrings. And to our luck, I have a bit of experience with graphic designing, So while thinking about all the cool stuff I could do , we decided to try and figure out how to get this stuff into the real world and onto things, like bags, phone cases, coasters, wallets backpacks. I want everyone to love and have a bit of fun from our awesome creations and works. So my sister and I have put together our awesome skills and created for you a very special shop. We love custom orders and new ideas.So stop by our store and see what's new today!


owner, maker, designer
I'm Amira, I am a self taught graphics artist, and I use my powers to make awesome things! and I'm also a full time geek. I love making fan art designs and thinking of new things to bring into the geek world!
owner, maker, designer
I work with my sis, she is a geek just like me, a graphics designer and best friend.We both love Sherlock, Dr who, etc, and decided to open a shop especially for that.I have always been very creative and I love to make anything I can!