Jane Eyre Book Cover Faux Suede Notebook 3 Sizes!


$22.99 USD 


Jane Eyre Book cover beautifully printed onto a high quality notebook.

Our printing process keeps every little detail intact to perfectly replicate the artistic beauty and elegance of the original book cover while keeping the simplicity of an everyday notebook.

Protect your iPad and feel geeky at the same time! Super cushion-y and soft, perfect for traveling!


Small Notebook:

  • 3.5" Wide x 5 " Tall
  • Pen holder on side
  • 2 inside slip pockets
  • Changeable notepad insert (3"x4.5")
Medium Notebook:

  • 7" Wide x 9.3" Tall
  • 1 inner slip pocket
  • Pen holder inside
  • Changeable notepad insert (5"x8")
Large Notebook:

  • 9.5" Wide x 12.5" Tall
  • 1 Large inner slip pocket and 2 small
  • Pen holder inside
  • Changeable notepad insert (8.5"x11")
Back and inside is canvas whereas the binder is a faux suede material.